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I guess knitting season has officially begun!  Eek!

I guess knitting season has officially begun! Eek!

Replicated, but not quite duplicated

I made another ear-flap hat.  Here it is.

While seaming and sewing in the loose ends, I did a number on my seaming needle.

That is after I tried to bend it back into place.  I like it, it has character.


No, not whenever I want

I’m starting to lose sleep from staying up to knit & update.  Anyways…

Here’s my hat.

And yes, I told you that when I KNIT, when I knit.

Until next time…


Whenever I want?

I miss having more free time to knit.  I get random urges to knit every once in a while and I’m lucky if its when I’m not at work, which is often.

I got an urge to knit today and banged this out in less than an hour.  It’s [I guess] a version of the hudson hat I previously posted on, with the ear flaps.  When I get going, I KNIT!

Here’s my progress after an hour with adjustments along the way & me scribbling it all down.

Also, for Christmas & received a TON of knitting goodies from my not-so-secret santa, my second BIL.  [My family does secret santa every year with Elfster, quite the handy site!]

15 sets of Bamboo DPNs & circular needles from size 0 [2.0 mm] - 15 [10.0mm]!  Love it!  That brown carry case/pouch thing also rolls up for easy storage and carry abilities!

But, I’m not gonna lie… things that can fly by flapping their wings freak me out.  However, beady eyed cartoon owls aren’t known to fly at people’s heads or poop on innocent passerbyers, so they’re okay in my book.  Also Cowie is cool too.  I hope he’s not dead.  :(


Tis the Season

Knitting season is back, but this thing called employment makes it really hard to complete a simple hat that I’ve been working on since last season.  I’m almost done & then I have some more assignments that I’m excited about.

Because a blog post isn’t fun without a picture.

Also, “tis” is short for “it is” if you were wondering, and I know you were.  So your welcome.